If it's been a while, or maybe you're in a funk, or maybe you're just ready to try something new for cryin' out loud, search your mind and discover what makes your soul happy!

I'm gonna go off on a life is too short tangent, 'cause hey, life IS too short. It's hit me like a ton of bricks since I began approaching my mid thirties. I have discovered that what I truly want is to spend quality time doing the things I love and being with the people who matter to me and much less time wondering about what people think. Maybe for you it's reading a good book, painting, caring for animals, furthering your education, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, or spending focused time with your children. Maybe you finally want to take the plunge to change your look or take that extra step in a relationship or pursue that creative passion.

Go do it! We live only a short while on this earth, so let's live a full life of "I actually did it or tried it" instead of just dreams that never come to exist.

You do you friend and do what makes your soul happy!!