Coronageddon - Surviving the time of #socialdistancing

Hey ya'll!

Who else has cabin fever from all of this with the Coronavirus?!

I mean, I've been to the grocery store and take walks in my neighborhood but goodness. I have had to find a whole new meaning to "happy at home". 

But, let's be honest. This time has been quite a blessing of reconnecting with my children and my husband. We have spend many more nights just being together and doing whatever. I think it has been really good for my kids and for us to SLOW DOWN. I have never been diagnosed but I swear I have adhd. I mean I am always doing like 5 things at a time and only slow down when sleep gets me! 

With the slowing down of things it also helps to just simply re-evaluate your life goals. Like, why are you working 60+ hours a week to have all those things that just deteriorate and that you can't take with you when you go anyway? Is it really worth it? What are your life goals and are you on a path to reach them or is it a good time to change some things? For us we really needed a kick in the finances. Lots of little expenses add up and once I sat down and looked at everything we made some changes! Only going out 1-2 times per week (we usually save it for the weekend), cutting back on some of our subscriptions, and not running to the grocery store every time I needed that craving snack lol.

I am also amazed at how I keep relearning that I just LOVE the outdoors. Something about being outside helps me not feel caged in. I spend my time outside walking (occasionally running) and gardening. Or even just reading. The outdoors can be so good for the soul. Think about it. We were not created to be in 4 walls 8+ hrs a day anyway.

So what are you doing to survive Coronageddon? What new things are you learning about yourself? What things are you getting into and what things are you giving up?


**The image in this blog article is not my own, but from a poster. Click the link to view or purchase it!